Lada Semecká

Interpretations of nature are a key element in Lada Semecka´s work. While her minimal aesthetic is consistent throughout, her command of techniques and understanding of the medium allow her to express herself in a variety of glass modes. She fuses glass to create expressionistic landscapes, as well as using casting, slumping and cold working to achieve her designs.

Alice Chappell 2004


Born 1973 in Teplice

Studies and practice

1987- 1991 SUPŠS Kamenický Šenov

1992 - 1994 IVK, Ústí nad Labem (Ak.sculptor Pavel Mizera)

1994 - 2000 - VŠUP Prague, Glass Studio, Professor Vladimír Kopecký

2007 - Pilchuck Glass School - Emerging Artist in Residency, USA

2000 - 2008 Lecturer and Head of Glass Workshop, VŠUP, Prague

2008 - 2012 Visiting Teacher at TIGA Urban Glass Institute, Toyama, Japan

2012 - 2017 Assistant Professor of Prostotová tvorba, FUD UJEP Ústí nad Labem

since 2017 Head of the course Spatial Creation, FUD UJEP Ústí nad Labem

Group exhibitions (selection)

2002- Illumination, Gallery of the City of Pilsen, CZ

2003 - Kopecký School, Sovinec Castle, CZ, (cat.)

2008 - European Glass Context, Bornholm, Denmark, (cat.)

2010 - I was never there, GEF, Usti nad Labem, CZ, (cat.)

2011 - Glass Canvas, Glazen Huis, Lommel, Belgium,(cat.)

2012 - Garden, Hatsudensyo Bijutsukan, Nyuzen, Japan, (cat.)

2013 -Špičky, Glass as a Concept, GASK, Kutná Hora, CZ

2014 - Cosmic Songs, Trafo Gallery, Prague

2015 - Growing, Hatsudensyo Bijutsukan / Nyuzen, Japan (cat.)

2016 - Femme Fatale, MSB, Jablonec nad Nisou (cat.)

2017 - Japanese Glass Now, Glas Museum Frauenau, Germany, (cat.)

2017 - Object of Light - Hige 2017, Craft Museum CAA, Hangzhou, CN 2022 Designblok (LAD: with Lada Semecka), Prague, Openstudio

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2002- Landscapes - glass, Josef Sudek Gallery, Prague, CZ

2006 - Interface, Galerie ve dvoře, Litoměřice, CZ

2010 - Space and Space (with R. Shibuya), Seto Ceramics and Glass Centre, Aichi, Japan

2013 - ODROKUDOROKU, Ceramics and Porcelain Design, FUD UJEP, Dubí u Teplic, CZ

2015 - Flow, Prague (CZ), Galerie U Prstenu

2016 - Introversion, Prague (CZ),, Galerie Kuzebauch

2017 - Anemos, Sázava, (CZ), Cesty skla, Hut' František

2018 - Calligraphy of Sound, Gask, Kutná hora 2021 Jacob's Ladder (with Lada Semecka), Prague, Galerie Havelka Representation in public collections of UPM, Prague, CZ

Ernstning Stiftung Collection, Alter Hof Herding Glas Museum, Coesfeld Lette, Germany

Kunstsamlungen der Veste Coburg, Coburg, Germany

VCM, Pardubice, CZ

Corning Museum, USA

Toyama City Collection, Japan

Seto City Collection, Aichi, Japan


2000 - Windows (author's stained glass) in Riedl's tomb, Desná v Jizerských horách 

2019 - Windows (author's stained glass) in the Church of St. Nicholas, Petrovice 

2021 - Author's stained glass in the funeral hall in Zábřeh na Moravě


2006 Coburger Glaspreis 2006, 

Barbara Kopellstaetter Award for Young Artist 2022 Grand Prix Designblok, Praha

Petr Lada

Petr Lada is Ceramics artist. He works and fosters his artistic creations in both applied and decorative areas, including his sculpting expressions. His portfolio also encompasses restoration works and creations of replicas of historical pieces. The fundamental theme for Lada as a sculptor is the human figure that refers to the ancient roots of Western civilization.

Milan Hlaveš, 2016


1972 born in Liberec

Studies and practice

1987-91 studies at the Secondary School of Ceramics in Bechyně

1991-98 works in a ceramic workshop in Kryštofovo Údolí near Liberec

1993 co-founded the tradition of the annual exhibition Summer Ceramic Sculpture in Bechyně since 1993 co-organizes and regularly participates in the exhibition

Summer Ceramic Sculpture (Bechyně, Roztoky u Prahy, Klenová)

1994 in Kryštofovo Údolí he builds a Japanese kiln Noborigama

1999 establishes a studio with Helena Lišková in Prague Letná

2004-14 lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

since 2007 chairman of the civic association Summer Ceramic Sculpture

since 2014 permanent curator of the Summer Ceramic Sculpture exhibition

2018 curator of the exhibition Jan Koblasa - Návrat, Teplice - Zahradní dům

since 2018 head of the workshops of the Ceramic and Porcelain Design Studio at the Faculty of Ceramics and Porcelain Studies, UJEP in Dubí u Teplice


1992 Gallery Labyrint - Freiburg D (alone)

1993 Gallery Dílo Ostrava (separately)

1994 Keramono - Prague

1995 North Bohemian Museum in Liberec (independently)

1996 Teapot Exhibition - Olomouc

1997 Papyrus Gallery - Nymburk

1998 Czech Ceramic Salon - Český Krumlov

1999 Ceramic Days - Municipal Museum in Kostelec nad Černými Lesy

2000 Sibo Fair - Prague (separately)

2001 Galerie Rozehnal - Prague

1993-2005 Summer Ceramic Sculpture in Bechyně (1st-13th year)

2006-2010 Summer Ceramic Sculpture in Roztoky u Prahy (14th-18th year)

2011-2012 Summer Ceramic Sculpture - Klatovy/Klenová Gallery (19th-20th year)

2014-2018 Summer Ceramic Sculpture in Roztoky u Prahy (21st-25th year)

2018 Ladscape festival - Prague, Ostrov Štvanice

2021 Jacob's Ladder (with Lada Semecka), Prague, Havelka Gallery

2022 Designblok(LAD: with Lada Semecka), Prague, Openstudio- Gabriel Loci

2023 Slipping (friends of Galerie Havelka), Prague, Health +


1993Complete set of dishes for Hotel Valdštejn, Liberec

1994 Hospitality table for Ajn an-Nariya residence, Saudi Arabia

1995 Equipment for sheltered housing Horní Poustevna

2004 Replica of a fountain by Helena Johnová, UPM in Prague

2010 Drinking fountain for Pernikářka Park, Prague 6

2014 Replicas of Gothic terracotta crabs for the White Tower, Kadaň

2014 Realization of the relief "The Sacred Heart" designed by Jan Koblasa, Kotvrdovice

2018 White Column, island Štvanice, Prague


Václav Gatarik since 1996

Jan Koblasa since 2003

Museum of Decorative Arts Prague, replica of the fountain 2004

Municipal district of Prague 6, drinking fountain in Pernikářka park 2010

City of Kadaň, replicas of gothic crabs White Tower 2014

Teplice Church of St. Bartholomew, Trinity 2014

Roman Catholic parish Jedovnice, realization of a relief on the facade of the chapel in Kotvrdovice according to the design of Jan Koblasa 2014